Hamilton Blackstone & Alex Ninovic
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Not many people know this about Cristean Yazbeck, but he's a motorsport enthusiast.


Yes, flying down a straight at circa. 300km/h is exhilarating, but our passion for motorsport racing isn’t limited to the steering wheel. The ability to make split-second decisions, the skill to stay calm and rational under extreme pressure and duress, and the capacity to extract the full potential and capability of your assets with a soft touch, resonates just as much in business and in life, as it does on the track.


When you observe those qualities in a 15 year old driver, it’s hard not to be excited. Which is why Hamilton Blackstone Lawyers is proud to sponsor Alex Ninovic: note the name, because we’re going to see and hear a lot more from him in Australian motorsport in the coming years. Alex Ninovic is the reigning Australian KA4 Junior Kart Champion, and currently leads the Senior KA3 Championship, driving for the Italian PCR Factory Team. This is despite only having just turned 15, and giving away nearly a decade to some of his rivals! The next stop in Alex’s professional journey potentially traverses the Supercars route.


Alex is represented by none other than Ian Luff ("Luffy" to most). As many of you know, the Luff name is synonymous with Australian motorsport royalty. As a mentor, adviser, and motivational and performance enhancement pioneer, Luffy has worked with 11 World Champions across several sporting disciplines. Think Mark Webber and Kostya Tszyu to name a couple. Like us, Luffy sees the championship potential in young Alex.


Alex and Hamilton Blackstone Lawyers have much in common – the pursuit of technical excellence, the desire to exceed expectations, the capacity to deliver exceptional results, and composure in challenging environments. Alex’s humble nature, and his "family first" ethos, speak volumes to his credentials. It also helps having his old man, "Sash" Ninovic, and one of Australia’s best racing engineers, at the helm as well.


Hamilton Blackstone Lawyers is pleased to support Alex’s journey to potential greatness, and excited to have him proudly represent our firm. Find out more about Alex at alexninovic.com.


See you at the track!

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