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Accredited Mediator

Cristean Yazbeck is a Nationally Accredited Mediator, offering the following mediation and dispute resolution services:

  • Facilitative Mediation

  • Expert Mediation (Financial Services; Estates)

  • Expert Determination of Disputes.


Facilitative Mediation

I offer facilitative mediation in all areas of law, where you, your counterparties, and your clients will experience my empathetic, solutions-oriented focus, and problem solving skills, to enhance the prospects of successful mediation. The focus here is not so much on the legal issues, but rather engaging the parties in open and constructive communication, where outcomes are creations of the parties' own initiatives, with some assistance from me. Under my facilitative model, the parties "own" the process, and therefore are best placed to direct the achievement of mutually agreed outcomes, in an environment where parties feel safe, respected and comfortable in expressing their views. Confidentiality, mutual trust and respect, and genuine participation, are hallmarks to success.

Expert Mediation

Expert mediation sounds exactly as it should: your financial services or estates dispute requires an expert to assist the parties on points of law and procedure, as well as facilitative mediation. Whilst I do not act for any of the parties to the mediation, I am skilled in ensuring that the parties are operating from a complete information set on points of law and procedure. I will also offer participants my industry and judicial insights to assist the parties' and their respective legal representatives' considerations, and provide comfort that parties are making fully informed decisions in their best interests.

Expert Determination

Expert Determination allows the parties the opportunity to engage me to provide expert determination of their dispute. For example, the parties' commercial agreement may oblige the engagement of an independent practitioner to provide expert determination: depending on the terms of the agreement, the determination may or may not be binding on the parties. I have provided expert determination on financial services, general commercial, and estates disputes.

Academic Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Laws (Honours) (University of Sydney)

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) (Economics and Accounting) (University of Sydney)

  • Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice

Contact me to discuss my unique approach to mediation and dispute resolution, and to find out more about my process.


I provide my services nationally, including in person, and utilising video means (not limited to Zoom and Teams).


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